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The Anticipatory It in English Grammar

In English grammar, anticipatory it involves the placement of the pronoun  it in the usual subject position of a sentence as a stand-in for the postponed subject, which appears after the verb. It is also called an  extraposed subject. Anticipatory it  tends to place the emphasis on the verb or (more commonly) on the noun phrase that follows the verb.   When the subject works better at the end of the sentence,  anticipatory it is often the best way to go, and its commonly heard in everyday speech and found regularly in all types of writing. Shifting Nominal Clauses to the End Gerald C. Nelson and Sidney Greenbaum discuss nominal clauses in An Introduction to English Grammar (2013): It is unusual to have a nominal clause  as the subject of the sentence:  That they canceled the concert is a pity. Instead, the subject is usually moved to the end (the postponed subject), and its position is taken by it (the anticipatory subject):  It  is a pity that the concert was canceled. Here are some more examples: It  is likely  that well be moving to Glasgow. It  doesnt matter to me  who pays for my ticket.Its impossible  to say when they are arriving. It  has not been announced  whether negotiations between the employers and the employees have broken down. The exception is that nominal  -ing  clauses  are natural in the normal subject position: Having a good self-image  keeps me sane.Living in France  was a wonderful experience. Anticipatory It, Dummy It, and Preparatory It Bas Aarts, Sylvia Chalker, and Edmund Weiner sort through more grammatical it details in The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar from  2014. In the first sentence below,  it is an anticipatory subject (the grammatical subject), and in the second  sentence it is an anticipatory object: It  is better  to have loved and lost  than never to have loved at all.I take  it that you agree with me. There  is considerable confusion in the usage of the terms available to describe the various functions of the word it. For some grammarians,  anticipatory it (used with  extraposition) and  preparatory it  are  identical, but they distinguish this usage from  dummy it,  as in  It is raining. Others use all or some of these terms differently or use one of them as an umbrella term. Examples of Anticipatory It It is a shame that the break-in wasnt immediately reported to the police.It is clear that inadequate resources will have an impact on the care of children with disabilities.  Its no concern of mine what happens in this village, so long as my customers dont quarrel when theyre in here. -- John Rhode (Cecil Street), Murder at Lilac Cottage (1940)It is time you stopped  working. You are the head of the family and it is right that you should be at home to see that everything is in order. -- Masti Venkatesha  Iyengar, The Curds-Seller in Best Loved Indian Stories, Volume 2 ed. by  Indira Srinivasan and Chetna Bhatt (1999)

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Essay about Kant and Mill’s Positions on Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is most commonly known as the death penalty or punishment by death for a crime. It is a highly controversial topic and many people and great thinkers alike have debated about it. Two well-known figures are Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill. Although both stand in favor of capital punishment, their reasons for coming to this conclusion are completely different. I personally stand against capital punishment, but my own personal view on it incorporates a few mixed elements from both individuals as well as my own personal insight. Firstly, in order to understand why Kant and Mill support capital punishment, we must first understand their views on punishment in general. Kant believes in the theory of the categorical†¦show more content†¦This law of retaliation is taught throughout our entire childhood and applies universally. The golden rule of, â€Å"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,† is just another way of phrasing this law. However, in order to prove the effectiveness of this law, we must apply to all circumstances in a situation. That’s when problems begin emerging. Questions about right and wrong, fair and unfair, just and unjust, and deciding who is to be the judge of the problems, are some of the troubles we face. Kant chooses to stick with the principle of retaliation even when dealing with capital punishment. He believes that â€Å"every murderer —anyone who commits murder, orders it, or is an accomplice in it— must suffer death.† (Kant 107) In order for justice to be made, the murderer must suffer the same consequences as his crime. If the murderer is not punished with death, it would not be a fair punishment because people would rather choose to live a tough life than die a quick death; and if this were the case, living would imply a less than equal punishment for the crime. Kant does say, however, that a criminal should only be punished for retribution. Any other reasons for his punishment, such as deterrence, are unacceptable because a human being should â€Å"never be treated merely as a means to the purposes of another.† (Kant 105) Doing so would violate the criminal’s rights as a human being. In contrast, Mill believes in the theory of utilitarianism, which is theShow MoreRelatedContemporary Moral Issue Essay2709 Words   |  11 Pagestopics as capital punishment, social inequality, and environmental responsibility. Simultaneously, this course equips us to formulate and argue our own positions on these topics, whether through writing, discussion, or debate. Required Texts: The required anthology for this course is the 4th edition of Emmett Barcalow’s Moral Philosophy: Theories and Issues (ISBN-13: 978-0-495-00715-9). Additionally, we will read John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism and the 1868 Speech on Capital Punishment (ISBN-13:Read Moreethical decision making16006 Words   |  65 Pagesbioethics, and how is it important to the community nurse? 2. What is the ethics of virtue, and what part do virtues play in the practice of nursing? 3. What is meant by principle-based ethics? 4. How does Kant’s deontological approach differ from Mill’s utilitarian approach? 5. What role does each of the four major ethical concepts— beneï ¬ cence, nonmaleï ¬ cence, autonomy, and justice—play in community nursing practice? 6. How can health care resources be distributed in a fair manner? 7. How doesRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesunderlie the creation of this diverse range of organization theories. In doing so, we will introduce the reader to the structure of this book and its underlying rationale. A key aim here is to try to model the nature of these competing philosophical positions by creating a framework that can aid our understanding of organization theory itself. Philosophical disputes and debates: explaining and understanding the diverse nature of organization theory When one first comes to the area of organization

CusterA Essay Research Paper Hello and Welcome free essay sample

Custer ( A ) Essay, Research Paper Hello and Welcome to Channel 7 intelligence at 11:00. Today we have a Particular Broadcast coming tous live from Washington D.C. We are traveling to fall in Bill Beutel in a twosome of seconds. ReadyBill # 8230 ; ..Ok we are now directing you live to Washington # 8230 ; ..Bill: # 8220 ; Custer # 8217 ; s Last Stand # 8221 ; # 8230 ; this rings a bell in the heads of many as you will see in tonight # 8217 ; ssegments # 8230 ; # 8221 ; Custer Stands Again # 8221 ; . Tonight we will hold a one on one, first clip interview withGeneral George Armstrong Custer. His decease stirred up acrimonious contention. Well he is with ustoday for one last opportunity to acquire to the underside of everything. Let me present General GeorgeArmstrongCuster. Hello General. Custer: Hello Bill, how are you making? Bill: Fine, and how are you? You are looking really good today. I am glad you took clip out ofyour busy agenda to pass some clip with us and our loyal viewing audiences today. Custer: Thank You for the compliment Bill, you are looking good yourself. I myself have been ona Nutri System Diet and have lost 15 lbs, I feel like a new adult male. Bill: Sooner state we have a really short clip slot here so lets acquire the most out of this one time in a lifetimeinterview. Are you ready? Custer: I was born ready Bill. Go Ahead, Fire! ! ! Wait don # 8217 ; t fire, I meant start inquiring yourquestions when your ready. All I have to make is reply them, you have the tough half in inquiring thequestions.Bill: Sooner state, here goes, Are Those Bugle Boy Jeans that you are have oning? ? ! ! ? ? Custer: Why yes, as a affair of fact they are. I bought them merely for this show. I didn # 8217 ; t seem tounderstand that question.Bill: I was merely pull the leg ofing, I was merely seeking to interrupt the ice between us because we will be borderingon some really huffy affairs. Ok so lets acquire consecutive to the point. What are were your personalfeelings towards the In dians? Custer: I believed so and I believe now that they were barbarian and merely couldn # 8217 ; t maintain up withus Americans. They were besides really dark due to the fact that they were squalid. They refused towear normal vesture and walked around half bare. They were inferior to us in more ways thanothers. Bill: That is a really rough statement that you have stated. Can you endorse up that comment? Custer: Well of class I can, one that pops into my head is their usage of the Bow and Arrowcompared to our more advanced fire power, rifles. How could they even stand a opportunity againstus? For such ignorance they deserved what they received! ! ! ! ! Bill: Lashkar-e-taibas back up a small and travel a little off the subject for a 2nd, if you don # 8217 ; t head, can yousummarize to us how you became what you were and are today? I would wish to cognize and I amsure a batch of the viewing audiences would wish to cognize besides. Custer: Ohh Boy, that # 8217 ; s traveling back a long manner but give me a minute. Ok, it started a long timeago when I was a immature chap. I did non work hard at my surveies. I graduated at the underside of myclass fro the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1861, and joined the Union Forces in theCivil War. I can candidly state that I was and still am really smart but I neer accerted myself, Iguess you could state that I was lazy.Well, during the war I served with General McClellan in Virginia. In 1863 I was assigned to thecavalry and shortly revealed dare and glare as an officer. As a consequence I was promoted quickly.When the war ended, I was made a lieutenant colonel and sent to Kansas to contend Indians. Afterthat I did whatever I could to assist the state and I shortly became General.Well that was a batch to get down I hope that you got it all. Bill: Wow, that was really interesting. Ok, when you were destroying the lives of Indians by killingthem and crowding them off their land, like cattles, into unknown and chartle ss reserves didn # 8217 ; tyou experience any commiseration? Did you non hold a bosom! ! ? ? ! ! Custer: I don # 8217 ; t experience any commiseration for the Indians, non one spot. None of this was necessary if they listenedto us. It was because of their ignorance that all this started. They were a backwards civilization andwe were a thriving one. They were keeping us back and that was counter productive so we didwhat was in the best involvement of our turning state. We gave them every chance to joiningwith us and listen to us but they refused.Through my many old ages in the military forces I learned non to give into any of my personalfeelings. Not that I had anything against what I did! ! Bill: Well, you voiced your sentiment really good. Sooner state does the day of the month June 25, 1876 mean anything toyou? Custer: June 25, 1876 # 8230 ; how could I non retrieve that day of the month. That was the twenty-four hours that made mefamous. How dry that is. Bill: What do you inte nd, ironic? Custer: Well all through life I wanted to be celebrated and looked up to by others. Well I think its dry that I got what I wanted and became celebrated, after my decease at the custodies of my trueenemies†¦.The Indians. Bill: You mentioned something about aspirations. What was another aspiration that you had?Custer: Well I was planning and wanted to become President of The United States Of America. Ifeel I would have made a very good president. I would have been the best President that thiscountry had or has or even will have. I was best fit for that position. I am sure you could see thatalso. Bill: Very interesting, well, If it is not too painful can you reminisce the events of that battle, whichwe have tagged as â€Å"Custer’s Last Stand†. Custer: Ahh, â€Å"The Battle of Little Bighorn†. My troops and I were in the Montana Territory. Mytroops were starting to get restless. We were out there trying to round up the Sioux andCheyenne Indians and move them to reservations. I was under the command of General Alfred H. Terry, who was heading the expedition. General Terry ordered me to get in a position South ofwhere he suspected the Indians t o be.That morning one of my scouts found an Indian village about 15 miles away. It lay in the valleyalong the Little Bighorn River. I expected to find about 1,000 warriors. But I later found out thatthey really had at least 2,000 warriors. This group, whose leaders included Crazy Horse, Gall andSitting Bull, was probably the largest gathering of Indian warriors in Western History. Bill: What did you do?Custer: Well I did not want to be found out and I didn’t have the time to wait for Gen. Terry. Instead of waiting, I divided my force into 3 small units in hopes of surrounding the enemy. Alltogether I had a little more than 600 troops. I felt that we could take the Indians easily.One unit attacked and then retreated when it saw the size of the Indian force. A second never gotinto the fight. With only 226 men, I attacked the Indians. In hand-to-hand combat all of my bandwas killed with in the time period of 1 hour. Bill: I am so sorry. I hope you didn’t mind answering th at question but I am sure that our viewerswanted to know what REALLY happened. Ok now, If you had a choice would you do the samething over again and if you would what would you do different?Custer: That’s a really easy question. If I had a choice I would go back and do the same thingover again and with out one doubt in my mind. I would change a few things. One thing I would dodifferently is to WIN!!!! It wouldn’t be too hard to do. The second thing would be to do a morethorough job and kill them all!!! Every single one of them!!! Now after that, how can you tell methat I have no heart. Bill: There are two images of you†¦one of a HERO and another of a GLORY-SEEKER. Whichone do you see yourself as?Custer: I don’t even think that there is a problem with that answer. Yes of course I was lookingfor some glory. Who doesn’t? But that wasn’t my main goal. I wanted to help my country. I feelthat I am a very loyal citizen. I died for my country and I wi ll do it again. I notice that a lot of myfollowers feel the same way. I am very impressed with the monument that you have made for me. I was more concerned for my country than for myself or else I would not have tried to win thatbattle. I am a Hero in my mind and not a Glory-seeker. I feel that we could have won that battle ifit had gone the way that I planned it.Bill: What do you mean, how could you have won or why do you think you lost?Custer: We should not have lost that battle. We should have never lost any battle to the inferiorIndians. I feel that if my secondary officers did as they were told and my superior officer hadhelped then we would have won the battle. Reno, one of my secondary officers, was a coward. He could have rescued me if he had not retreated. I also blame Gen. Terry and his aides for notknowing the size of the Indian force. All he wanted was to have glory, he didn’t care for anyoneexcept for himself. He didn’t love the country like I did. I felt that I was a better officer than himand should have been promoted to a higher position. For all those people who believed that Idisobeyed Terry’s orders it is true but I did it because I was there and I knew that I had no otherchoice. Well if you still want to judge me on that we so be it. Well I have to go because I have tobe at West Point in another half an hour and I have to get some groceries for the Mrs’s. Bill: Thank you for the interview, General Custer. I hope that the rest of your life be long andprosperous, if I can say that. That concludes my one on one with General Custer and back to youSue in New York. Good Night America.BibliographyReynolds, Quentin J. Custer’s Last Stand. Random House 1951.Stein, R. Conrad. The Story of the Little Bighorn. Children’s Press. Connell, Evan S. Son of the Morning Star. North Point Press. 1983.

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Personal reaction Essay Example

Personal reaction Essay While reading the first couple pages of wild swans, I was immediately amazed by the culture and the perspectives of the citizens. For example, the men valued women with small petite bonded feet and it was said that a woman with large feet would bring shame onto the family. Mind you that so called large feet were what is now a womans average shoe size. Mothers did this to their young daughters. Can you imagine the pain of having a stone smashed on your foot every day? This caused bruising and ingrown toenails which are very disgusting. I cant imagine how men loud have found that attractive. Another thing that caught my attention was how on earth did Change know so much about her great grandmothers life, not only did she know about it, but she described it in detail, and all of her stories seem credible. Changes Wild Swans, has many situations where a Chinese woman was affected by their culture. However, the situation that stood out the most was in chapter six, when Jung Changes mother, De-Hong, was getting married to her boyfriend, Shoo-you. Less than two months after returning from Hardin my mother and father filed their application. Change 118) For people to get married they have to file an application for their society to approve their relationship. Marriage had traditionally been a contract between families, and there had never been civil registration or a marriage certificate. We will write a custom essay sample on Personal reaction specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Personal reaction specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Personal reaction specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Now for those who had Joined the revolution, the Party functioned as the family head. (Change 118) The criteria to be able to get married was called 28-7- regiment-I . (Change 118) The criteria Is called 28-7-regiment-l because The man had to be at least 28 years old, a Party member for at least seven years, and with a rank equivalent to that of a regimental commander; the 1 referred to the only qualification the woman had to meet, to have worked for the Party for a minimum of one year. Changes 118) If the man or women did not meet these requirements, they were not to be married. Overall, Jung Changes book, Wild Swans, Is Interesting and inspiring. It Is changing my perspective on things, and how much the world has developed since then. Its great to read about a culture and how It grows. Its Like Im reading a personal diary from generation to generation.

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Tradgedy in the commons essays

Tradgedy in the commons essays There has been growing concern about the environment and what is safe and not safe. "Several new programs aimed at protesting the environment and human health, have been initiated under the 1990 Amendments to the clean air act" (Chicago). But what is it exactly that is really wrong with the environment.. Well, its the people who need to get around using things such as cars that give off pollutants into our atmosphere. The wants and needs of society grow mainly because of population expansion and a growing desire for a more comfortable life. But is the U.S. only dealing with this? Beijing has been proven to be the worlds smoggiest city. The air has diminished so severely that Premier Zhu Rongii and other top leaders have made major cleanup measures. Tiny little vans called an Miandi have been one of the major causes of poor air quality. Although they call for less then 2% of the more then 1.4 million vehicles, they are the sources of 8-10% of the pollution because of their auto gases. The other factors of pollution in Beijing are the restaurants and businesses that use coal to fuel their stoves (Beijing). However, the question is not what caused the pollution but how we will stop it. There are 2 good answers for Beijing. One is to convert the coal burning stoves into stoves that use cleaner fuels. The second is a company that is trying to crack down on pollution called Capital Steel. Capital Steel has been a long time target of environmentalists and by 2003 they plan to spend $100 million on pollution prevention (Beijing). On the other hand, in the US the Environmental Protection Agency has been enforcing air pollution standards on S.U.V.s, pickups, and mini-vans. The effects of these standards are the rising costs of motor vehicles. The EPA had estimated that these standards will increase the cost of cars on average $100 and trucks about $200 (Trucks). There is a problem however, with creating cars that give off n ...

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Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Nursing - Essay Example This has become the prime importance in nursing ethics. The nursing profession wants the nurse to deliver the highest standards of honesty and ethics. ((Butts, p. 11) It is important that the nursing profession formulate and adheres to these ideals and do not try exploiting. Nursing ethics usually begins with the cases that they deal with in their daily work routines. It moves around the people that we come across in the health care system such as patients, families, physicians and other staffs. It cannot be learnt in the classes but when the nurse interacts with the patients, this becomes the foundation, and their work begins on ethical ground. The situation has to be evaluated with â€Å"caring, consideration, and a willingness to assume responsibility† (Butts, p. 11; Munson, 2004, p. 788).The nurse has to exhibit these qualities and has to help the patient. According to the World Medical Association the Oath taken by the nurse is ‘the health and the life of my patient will be my first consideration.’ (Harrington, p.102) It means they take the Oath and to maintain this they need to feel responsible and upheld the moral values. Nurses have to exhibit these qualities with the people they are dealing with effectively. The two important ethics of nursing are autonomy and act as patients’ advocate. The ethical goal also is to safeguard the patient’s information and to build in the trust and confidence. Respect for autonomy: The principle of beneficence can be taken into consideration, which means to take action that promotes welfare of other people. Sometimes the conflict occurs if nurse decide to act in ways that they believe are for a patient’s own good. These actions are opposed to the patients’ references. The autonomy nature which... This essay approves that the confidentiality of the patient’s information is the prime responsibility and the nurse has to show the ethical values and inculcate the habit of not discussing patient’s information in public places and so forth. Another ethical issue is protecting patients from negligent co-workers and to help them when needed. There is ethical confrontation that the nurse has to go through in the day to day life. But we can see that the nursing education is dominated by the medical profession. The problem with nursing can directly impact the problem with healthcare. The major issue that has to be sorted out is the nursing shortage. Most of us are aware of the nursing shortage and are concerned, as we go through the negative experience when we visit the short staffed hospitals. The integral part of hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies form the nursing. Nursing faculty turnover is also a concern within nursing educational institutes. The disparity in the salaries between the faculty and the nurse is one of the reasons. The Blue Ribbon commission and the concept of differentiated practice have led to reformation. This report makes a conclusion that nursing is a profession distinct from medicine and it emphasizes on ‘the medicine cures whereas the nurse cares."This kind of reformative and innovative methods brings in the hope of achieving success in the field of health care. When the level of satisfaction of the patient and the skills of the nurse synchronize then we can expect the harmony that can yield positive outcomes.

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Cloud Computing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Cloud Computing - Essay Example Cloud computing has the aim of hiding the intricacy of IT infrastructure administration from its users (Bahga & Madisetti, 2014). Simultaneously, the cloud computing platforms offer enormous scalability, 99.999% dependability, and high performance, along with configurability that can be specified. These capabilities are given at relatively low costs when compared to devoted infrastructures (Erl, Puttini & Mahmood, 2013). I present an impression of Eveready’s cloud services as well as pricing to be employed in the calculations. Eveready has two appropriate cloud computing services. Foremost, Eveready gives the Elastic Computing Cloud service. This platform charges every hour a running instance, and it provides examples with diverse compute power as well as memory (Bahga & Madisetti, 2014). This application meets the criteria for an excellent application in this course. To begin with, I am interested in the application. As an IT manager, I realize that the cloud computing was maybe the single most significant finding this century in my field. As a man database administrator, I am as well intensely interested in the challenges and successes faced by other men scientists. Second, in juxtaposition with EC2, Eveready will provide the Elastic Block Store (EBS) service. This service gives reliable and unrelenting storage with a high IO performance. EBS rates per GB of storage as well as for each million IO transactions. Eveready will also offer the Simple Storage Service (S3). This is a service to provide access via web services to unrelenting data kept in buckets (one-level of directories) together with meta-data (key/value pairs). S3 rates per GB of storage as well as HTTP requests relating to it. Persistent FS will offer a POSIX-compliant file system by means of S3 and is debatably less costly than EBS for largely